To the handful of people who ever read this blog: welcome!

About a year ago I didn't know anything about blockchain or Web3. I didn’t own any bitcoin. I hadn't heard of Satoshi Nakamoto or Vitalik Buterin. And I certainly hadn’t come across NFTs.

My brother introduced me to bitcoin/ethereum in December 2020. And like many crypto enthusiasts, I was instantly hooked. For the past year, I’ve spent countless hours listening to podcasts, reading articles, and watching YouTube videos on this topic. During this time, I was also fortunate to gain exposure to the space via my previous job (strategy and business transformation consultant for wealth and asset managers). I recently left said job for a Product Manager role at a wirehouse company (i.e., I wanted to continue my career as a corporate sellout). While I'm excited about my experiences at this new company, my direct exposure to the crypto industry is limited. Thus, I'm looking to use this blog as an outlet to help me better dissect and make sense of this complicated (and compelling) area.

My goal for this blog is to document my journey in the crypto space – lessons learned, observations, pain points, etc. While the content will likely evolve over time, there are a few areas I want to focus on to start:

  1. NFTs – projects where I hold high conviction, factors to consider when apeing in, insight into competitive landscape, future state of NFTs, etc.

  2. User Experience and Interface – evaluate companies and projects across the crypto landscape and bring to light best-in-class features, areas for improvement, and more.

  3. Wealth and Asset Managers – discuss the impact that crypto disruption is having on the traditional WAM industry.

In documenting my own experiences and views, I'm hoping my takeaways will resonate with you (the supposed reader) and enhance your ability to navigate this challenging space.

So, am I over my skies yet? Probably. But let’s #havago anyway.

Thank you and enjoy.